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OBC DESIGN is a visual creation studio located in Tokyo specializing in branding design and planning.

We are expert in thinking infinitely within a limited scope, committed to creating sustainable designs that are interesting and more consistent with the brand image, and creating the most communicative design language.

We hope to create new value only belonging to the brand based on the active communication with customers. We can bring forth creative ideas from a more international perspective for brand-building and style-integrating, with our team members throughout Japan, France, China and other regions. 

Business content :

Branding design (brand design development for products, stores, facilities, campaigns, etc.). Consistent design production and management (concept + naming + product development + graphic design + space design + WEB production)

Various designs :

VI, logo mark, logotype,

branding concept, naming development,

package, pattern design,

office supplies design,

AD, space design,

homepage ,

book design, book layout, creative illustration, etc.




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